Lavender 101

Lavender is called the Angel of Healing and Purification. It is one of the most gentle and versatile of essential oils. 

For your information we are enlisting 20 uses of lavender:

  1. Helps with stress, calming and relaxing 
  2. Antiseptic & antibacterial, 
  3. Acne, helps to inhibit bacteria that causes skin infections 
  4. Eczema, prevents dry, itchy skin 
  5. Aches put few drops into a bath to soothe aches and pain away or apply neat 
  6. Burns (minor), after cooling the area with cold, running water, gently stroke on neat lavender 
  7. Cuts & wounds, prevents scaring 
  8. Restoring, helps with fatigue, massage few drops into a bottom of your feet 
  9. Helps alleviate headaches; put few drops on your temples and forehead
  10. Eases insomnia, put few drop on your pillow before going to bed
  11. Beneficial for respiratory problems, cold, flues, coughs, sore throat
  12. Great for sunburn
  13. Earache
  14. Eases menstrual cramps and PMS, massage a few drops into your lower abdomen with hot compresses
  15. Natural insect repellent,
  16. Insect bites & stings
  17. Poison oak, ivy, athlete foot
  18. For a long travel, reduces the fatigue and strain, put few drops on your pulse points
  19. Speeds all healing processes
  20. Purifies environment

Uses: Bath, massage, steam inhalation, chest rub, sauna, skin & hair care, diffuser, spray mist.