Our Story

The Lavender Dreams Farms was started by Dr. Elizabeth Kolve, medical researcher, her husband Patrick, an equine specialist, and their daughter Rozalind, a Marketing Director.

One year during the Christmas Holidays we began exploring different possibilities for our 5 acre ranch which is located at the foothills of Tehachapi Mountains, Ca.

During our research, we discovered lavender and its remarkable properties. Not only did it have a beautiful aroma, but possessed healing qualities. That's when the Aha-ha, moment came. 

Why not turn our ranch, which is located at 4000ft elevation, into a lavender farm. After a lot of hard work, an intense education, our Dream Became a Reality.

We have been horse owners for most of our lives, loved and cared for them. Knowing how beautifully fragrant and healing lavender is, we decided to create a line of products using 100% pure essential lavender oil and organic botanical extracts. We wanted the products to be of highest quality, effective, good for the horses, humans and safe for the environment.

Lavender is unique. Its heavenly scent evokes images of a bucolic country side with peace, relaxation and restoration of body and heart. It has been around humans for more than 2000 years. Greeks and Romans used this native Mediterranean plant to scent soaps, bath water and to purify rooms. Long recognized for its therapeutic properties, lavender perfumed homes, repelled insects and healed our bodies for centuries. In World War I, lavender was applied as an antiseptic to soldier's wounds (for more information on Lavender click on Lavender 101).

With a research background in chemistry Dr. Kolve (Elizabeth) became our chemist on the project. Our Flag Ship product, Lavender Fly Spray for Horses took approximately a year to create. Using more than 50 different trials and endless combination of essential oils and botanical extracts, our fly spray has been launched. It's super effective, long lasting and Natural with great, rich aroma and is safe for the environment.

Patrick moved from our home in Agoura Hills to the ranch in Tehachapi, Ca . There, he worked preparing the ground, installing the plumbing, drip systems, and finally planting the Lavender. 

Our daughter Rozalind and partner used her vast experience from the fashion industry to create our Marketing Plan.

So, here we are a Horse Owned & Family Operated Business. We carry two lines of products: Equine and Personal. They are listed under Products on our Web Page. 

All of our products are Proudly Made in America, and 2% of all sales go to horse rescue.

Thank you for supporting us and let The Dream Live On For All of Us.