Lavender Hoof Dressing with 100% pure Lavender

Lavender Hoof Dressing with 100% pure Lavender

Lavender Dream Farms
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  • Taking care of your horse’s hooves is the most important thing you can do as an owner,


  • So why risk treating them with anything featuring harsh or unhealthy chemicals?


  • That’s why we developed Lavender Dream Farm’s Lavender Hoof Dressing using natural Lanolin, not petroleum.


  • Lanolin is a superb emollient naturally produced by the sheep to protect the wool from breakage and harsh weather elements,


  • Its application in hoof-care produces the same, natural results.


  • Our hoof dressing provides a multitude of long lasting benefits for the hoofs, and it does so in the way that nature intended!

For External use only
Ingredients: Lanolin, Blend of botanical oils. Lavender Oil
Directions: Shack before using, apply with Brush to the Clean Hoof.